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Haven't done one of these for a while.

Today, we'll be looking at Aspects. They're from my newest story, and in order for this to work, I'll explain a little of the background plot:

In this universe, a creature known only as Villaja has been terrorising the lands for years. Nobody knows where it comes from, whether there's more of it or anything about it, except that it's stronger than anything they can throw at it, and it can't be killed- at least by what they've got. Finally, ten of the gods take up arms and go to fight it, only to soon realise that they, too, can't beat it. Unfortunately, they've also managed to really piss it off, and it's going to take them all down- so they retreat to their realm and destroy the entrance, thus permanently (or at least, for a bloody long time) blocking them from the mortal lands. However, they can still be contacted by prayer, and they leave behind ten stones- the Aspect stones. Whenever trouble arises, the stones turn up near the people who match the domain of the respective god, and they act for the gods in the matter.

So, the power details:
Aspects are given their powers by the stones. The stones are all linked- they all turn up at the same time, and if one is disconnected, all of them are. Aspects are also linked through the stones- each one can feel if another is around, and they can all feel if someone dies or is close to death.
The stones are all located in the base of each Aspect's throat. They cannot be removed by normal means. Each stone is about the size of an iPod Shuffle and is a different colour.

What the stones do:
The stones contain the power of gods. When connected to an Aspect, the stone provides a gateway for that god to talk to the Aspect and to manifest in the mortal world- but only as an insubstantial, ghost-like form, unable to interact with the mortal world. The gods provide the Aspects with guidance, direction and protection. Aspects are very hard to kill with the stones connected, and most weapons tend to bounce off them. Aspects can all manifest one of ten weapons, the weapons used against Villaja, but these weapons are not Aspect-specific, since the gods realised that people tend to be very different, especially in weapon choice. In addition, invoking their god or domain gives an Aspect's actions more power, especially the visible kind. Aspects can also sense people whose actions tend to correspond with their domains- for instance, the Aspect of Bravery could sense a brave person, and the Aspect of Wisdom a very wise person.

The most important thing the Aspects can do is use their powers on Villaja. Occasionally, the Can Villaja was Sealed in becomes unsealed (usually when Aspects die or there's religious turmoil) and so the Aspects go Seal it up. By combining their powers, they can reseal Villaja, and they can also fight it, but they can't win either, no matter how much damage they do. Whatever works.
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 Hello and welcome to today's Power Theory post. In this one, we're going to be looking at the powers of a character- but not the character themselves.

Today's character is Karl 'Claw' Hawk, who is a warper, but also possesses a mental power. He has complete control over fear, and the ability to rip anything apart.

As to how these work: his power over fear is a very limited form of empathy. He can't do anything else with it, but he is incredibly skilled with fear, and is probably the best empath in the world when it comes to fear. With it, he's figured out how to make someone afraid and manipulate them subtly- or overtly-, how to make artificial fear seem natural, and all sorts of other things. For instance:
-He automatically senses fear anywhere nearby
-He can sense what kind of fear someone's feeling and why they're feeling it
-He can sense what would make someone naturally afraid
-He can knock someone out or even kill them, through fear

Now, onto his warping power.
What he does is, in essence, command a force that covers his hands. This force allows him to pick up and rip through anything, even something too big for him to easily lift, or something too heavy. He can't pick up anything attached to something else, like a building, but he can rip through the joins between two things.
He doesn't need to have both hands holding something to be able to rip through it- two fingers will do. He can only rip through solid objects, but he can also rip through things like someone's created forcefield, or a mental hold on someone. 

That concludes this Power Theory post. Next... whatever I can come up with.
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In this post, we're going to talk about side effects and manifestation.

When a paranormal manifests, their body goes into a state of overload in which everything works at a very intense speed. This state can last for any amount of time up to about thirty seconds. Manifesting isn't fatal, but depending on what the paranormal is doing when they manifest, it can end badly. In Gears' case, her manifestation was nearly fatal because the body can't keep working at that pace for that long. If her abductor hadn't been a healer, she would be dead.

Side effects are a result of manifestation. Sometimes they are random and sometimes intentional, but what they are is in essence a change in the person. It could be a personality change, or an appearance change, or something else entirely. I'll give you one example.

Florence Cantia is the youngest of six children. All of her siblings are either tall, lean, attractive, expressive, charismatic and talented or short, plump, attractive, expressive, charismatic and talented. Florence was a child of medium height and weight, quite plain, very shy, untalented and not charismatic in the least. While her family adored her anyway, she had a strong wish to be just like her siblings. And then she manifested and turned from a plain, untalented girl of medium height into a tall, stunning, statuesque girl who, due to her being a siren (voice manipulator) now possessed talent by the bucketload. Unfortunately for Florence, she got shipped off to paranormal boarding school, where she had to learn how to deal with being a big fish in a relatively small pond, how to speak English rather than French or Italian, and how to deal with all the people. It worked out for her, but that's another story.
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 Hello and welcome to the first character bio post. Our new character is Marie Brian.

Name: Marie Kerry Brian
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Nationality: Irish (Republic of Ireland)
Religion: Catholic
Appearance: Medium height, curly dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin. Attractive, thin, noticeably twitchy.
Personality: Tends to be quite withdrawn. Intelligent but doesn't like to participate. Hates being the center of attention.
Power: 'Overloading'.

Now, onto Marie's power. 'Overloading', as she calls it, is a power triggered by physical contact (several times at least). It's a psychic power in which Marie passes out and wakes up as the person she came into contact with- not physically, but mentally. She has all their knowledge, their personality, and their powers. Overloading can last from five minutes to an hour, generally depending on how Marie is feeling at the time. Once she has overloaded with one person, she has the ability to overload with their personality again, and she can also touch them without overloading. When overloading, the 'new' personality seems to share some of Marie's in that it will recognise her friends as its friends, and so on.
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 In today's entry, we're looking at Reality Warpers. Warpers come in many different forms, but the general gist is that their powers allow them to do things that humans can't normally do, and also to warp reality.

Super strength is a warping power because humans simply aren't that strong. A paranormal with super strength has access to a lot of force which usually doesn't come out in their movements. When they access that force, they're warping. The same goes for people with super speed.

Invisibility works by shifting reality so that it hides the person warping it. Shapeshifting is more warping, but this time you're warping your body. Fliers are using an innate force to propel themselves and lift themselves.

Element manifestors warp reality by producing their element where none should be. How they produce it is unknown as for now.
Onto Stocks and Originals.

Stocks is the name given to paranormals with common powers, like telepathy, element manifestation, super strength or flight. Originals are paranormals with powers that are either rare or totally unique.

That's all for this post. Next post, I explain my newest character and how her power works.
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 Hello and welcome back to Power Theory. Today, we're discussing ESP powers, which can basically be defined as any mental power that isn't telepathy, telekinesis or telempathy.

Clairvoyance involves getting flashes of the future. These can be triggered by anything, and can't be stopped. The more skilled you are, the longer and more detailed the flashes.

Divining involves touching an object and seeing its purpose, what it's made of, who it's been owned/used by, what it's done, and when it was made. The more skilled you are, the more you can pick up.

Finding involves locating anything, from an object to a person. Finders usually see the object/person, in it/their current surroundings, in their heads. The more skilled the finder, the more they can see. How long it takes for the finder to find the lost thing depends on their skill. The other skill-dependent factor is what it takes for the finder to find the lost thing- some can find things based on a sketch or a description, others by their personal experience with the lost thing, and some by photos or pieces of the lost thing only.

Future divining is a mix of clairvoyance and divining in that the diviner touches the object and sees what it will be used for in the future. Again, how much they can see depends on their skill level.

Astral projection involves the projector separating most of their mind from their body and sending it into the material world. Astral projectors cannot be seen or felt (except by other psychics), but they can be heard (but only if they talk). Projectors can't telepathically speak unless they are a psychic or telepath, and they can't influence the material world unless they're kinetic. What they can do is enter another person's mind. However, they can't influence said mind unless they're psychic of some kind, but they can talk to that person mentally. A projector can actually take over someone's mind in one of three ways: they can subtly influence the person's thinking so the person doesn't know they're being controlled, they can dominate the mind so it's like a horse and they're the jockey, or they can completely crush the resident mind and take over the body.

That concludes this post. Next... whatever I think of.
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 Hello, and welcome to the second Power Theory post. Today, we're continuing with the 'building blocks'.

Telekinesis is a simple one: moving things with your mind. The more skilled the kinetic, the more they can move, the faster they can do it, the bigger the objects, and the longer they can move things for.

Teleportation isn't a mental power, it's a warper power. In essence, the more skilled you are, the more you can carry and the further you can go. Teleporters can't carry other people. The most skilled 'porter managed to carry another person about half a kilometer before he passed out from exhaustion, while he could jump over continents without breaking a sweat.

Psychics are the jacks of all trades. They can learn telepathy, telekinesis, telempathy, astral projection, clairvoyance, divining, finding, and future divining. Any psychic can learn all of those powers, but the more skilled you are, the better you can get at them. Having one of them as a secondary power will make you not only really skilled, but better than most others with that power.

Next post: Espers and the different skills.


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 Welcome to the Power Theory posts, in which I attempt to explain exactly how the superpowers I have created for my characters in my original (and still without a title) fiction work. In these posts, I'll also end up explaining the basic theory of powers.

I'll start with the basics: telepathy, empathy and skill levels.

Anyone can have a power, but depending on how skilled they are, they will be able to do certain things. Basic paranormals can only do so much, while the professionals can do things that usually aren't considered to be part of that power but are. Everyone starts off at a certain level of skill and through work, study and practice, will improve- but you can only progress so far.

First power: telepathy.

Telepathy is the power of reading minds, as most people know. However, with it comes other powers, such as creating mental shields. Even non-telepaths can create a shield, but these shields will vary in strength depending on the strength of the individual, and most telepaths can easily bypass such a shield. 

Basic telepathy involves hearing the thoughts of others. Medium level telepaths can delve into someone's mind and discern more of their thoughts. High level telepaths can see every part of a mind, tell if someone's lying when they think of something, and attempt to influence their thoughts.

When I say influence, I mean that they can slip a thought of their own into someone's mind. However, no telepath can take control of someone's mind; they simply aren't strong enough. Any telepath can put a thought in someone's mind, but it takes real skill to shape the thought so that the recipient doesn't immediately think, 'Wait, I would never do that, someone must be in my head'. Telepaths who aren't skilled enough to do so are reduced to the mental equivalent of repeatedly screaming the thought at the poor bastard until they either do it or find a shield.

Telepaths can mentally contact anyone. Non-telepaths can think the answers or the questions in their heads for the telepath to hear, but they can't contact anyone else mentally.

Now, onto empaths.

Empathy involves feeling the emotions of others. A skilled empath can alter the emotions of others subtly enough so that they don't pick up on it. Really skilled empaths can feel the reasons why people are feeling the way they do. 

There's also the science of fixing emotions to objects. Think Harry Potter, where the Horcrux locket makes anyone who wears it moody and depressed. An empath can summon up really strong feelings and fix them to an object. The emotion won't wear off except under the durance of time, or unless the object's destroyed.

That concludes our first Power Theory post. I'll continue to discuss the basis of superpowers in subsequent posts, and then I'll start analyzing the powers of certain characters.


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