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I am more than slightly freaked out. My brain managed to invent an entire book and movie and shoved it into my brain. I woke up feeling depressed over one character's death and it took a Google search to confirm that the book did not in fact exist. My brain is strange.
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I had a dream a couple of nights ago where I was playing Mass Effect 2 as Jack, but I was apparently the worst player ever because I totally forgot that you can change guns and use biotics. I've never played Mass Effect in my life (though I want to).
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 My dreams are getting so much weirder. Friday night I had a dream that for some reason included two shops I know combined into one, a gorgeous gothic outfit that I got to keep, a boat trip to Thailand (???), and a number of things including records, toys and Tiny Teddies, all locked away so that nobody could have fun. Saturday night, my dream involved NCIS, blood on a tin roof, and my Dad driving us through Newtown while on the phone to someone else, getting lost in the back streets of Newtown (so bloody easy, I'm telling you, the place is a fucking maze), and me finally ending up at my old dance class. The class was full of both my past fellow students and some new ones, but none of my old fellow students seemed to recognise me. And then I woke up.

(I'm also wondering how 'Soft Shock' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs has managed to stay on my best-of playlist for this long. Usually, I put it on and get tired of it in a couple of days.)
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I had a dream last night in which my best friend destroyed the world with a giant tornado, she and I ran around killing the survivors, and then we walked into the last untouched room to find that my parents had sold me for cancer experiments because they were broke.

No, I don't know either.


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