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To sum up why he scares me: this is a man who always gets what he wants, and he can make you want to give it to him, no matter what it is- and he doesn't even need to use his powers. This is a man who could take over the world and wouldn't consider it to be hard; the only thing stopping him from becoming a man of mass destruction is that he finds it boring.


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In this post, we're going to talk about side effects and manifestation.

When a paranormal manifests, their body goes into a state of overload in which everything works at a very intense speed. This state can last for any amount of time up to about thirty seconds. Manifesting isn't fatal, but depending on what the paranormal is doing when they manifest, it can end badly. In Gears' case, her manifestation was nearly fatal because the body can't keep working at that pace for that long. If her abductor hadn't been a healer, she would be dead.

Side effects are a result of manifestation. Sometimes they are random and sometimes intentional, but what they are is in essence a change in the person. It could be a personality change, or an appearance change, or something else entirely. I'll give you one example.

Florence Cantia is the youngest of six children. All of her siblings are either tall, lean, attractive, expressive, charismatic and talented or short, plump, attractive, expressive, charismatic and talented. Florence was a child of medium height and weight, quite plain, very shy, untalented and not charismatic in the least. While her family adored her anyway, she had a strong wish to be just like her siblings. And then she manifested and turned from a plain, untalented girl of medium height into a tall, stunning, statuesque girl who, due to her being a siren (voice manipulator) now possessed talent by the bucketload. Unfortunately for Florence, she got shipped off to paranormal boarding school, where she had to learn how to deal with being a big fish in a relatively small pond, how to speak English rather than French or Italian, and how to deal with all the people. It worked out for her, but that's another story.
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 Hello and welcome to the first character bio post. Our new character is Marie Brian.

Name: Marie Kerry Brian
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Nationality: Irish (Republic of Ireland)
Religion: Catholic
Appearance: Medium height, curly dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin. Attractive, thin, noticeably twitchy.
Personality: Tends to be quite withdrawn. Intelligent but doesn't like to participate. Hates being the center of attention.
Power: 'Overloading'.

Now, onto Marie's power. 'Overloading', as she calls it, is a power triggered by physical contact (several times at least). It's a psychic power in which Marie passes out and wakes up as the person she came into contact with- not physically, but mentally. She has all their knowledge, their personality, and their powers. Overloading can last from five minutes to an hour, generally depending on how Marie is feeling at the time. Once she has overloaded with one person, she has the ability to overload with their personality again, and she can also touch them without overloading. When overloading, the 'new' personality seems to share some of Marie's in that it will recognise her friends as its friends, and so on.


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