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Don't ask, it's a long story.

Welp, Ana is now talking to Jack, who has Mia. He's also in full-blown Wronged Narcissist Mode, claiming that they owe him, and 'it could have been him'. (He's right on the second point, FTR). He demands five million dollars (Only five? Come on, really?) and gives her two hours. Ana tries to get proof and three hours, but he hangs up on her. Ana takes Sawyer and absconds back to Escala, worrying like hell about the impending fuck-up. Can't really blame her, there.

Honestly, I don't think there's any right way to go about this. I mean, I'm not a trained negotiator or a specialist in hostage negotiations or retrieval, but when the perp has threatened to torture or rape his hostage before killing her and has made the usual 'don't tell anyone' demand, what else can you do?

At Escala, Ana takes Leila's gun (good move!) and absconds, managing to trick Sawyer so that she gets out without him. She makes it to the bank, dodges the bureaucracy and starts the withdrawal when Grey calls. He thinks she's leaving him, and she lies, saying she is, to keep him out of it. Once she's withdrawn the money, she finds that Sawyer's caught up, and calls Jack, who gives her a new exit route. The car he sent is driven by Elizabeth, one of the old team from SIP (since I'm sure none of you can remember any of the flat staff who got five seconds of characterisation). Ana manages to ascertain that Jack has some kind of hold over Elizabeth, but not what, exactly, though she suspects it's something sexual, given that none of his PA's would talk.

They meet Jack, who, after ascertaining that the money is in fact there, starts to beat the crap out of Ana, who in return shoots him.

People, can we have a round of applause for a hero who actually managed to do something in the face of impending doom, as opposed to being a heap of useless whiny crap?

Anyway, before Ana passes out, she hears Grey turn up, and then the chapter ends.

That was Chapter Twenty-Two. We're... sort of near the end.
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