Feb. 26th, 2013

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Hey, all. I'm back. Sorry it's been so long- I went on holiday, then I got back, then my hard drive fucked up, then uni started... long story, but basically, yeah, shit's going down now. In the story, that is. JSYK. Warning: this chapter contains one big-ass argument, a near-rape scene, and more bullshit.

Ana flips her shit over Grey talking to Elena. OK, Ana... look. For a long time, Elena was the only friend he had. Not his best friend, his only friend. Sure, she's a child-raping bitch, but angsty!drunk!Grey isn't going to think about that. Why are you surprised that he instinctively went to an old source of comfort?

And wow, she is taking this way too hard.

How could he do this to me? He knows how I feel about that woman. How could he turn to her? How?

Very easily. See previous comments about her being his only friend.

OK, let's get insightful. Imagine, reader, that you are Ana. Imagine that Grey has convinced you to set Jose, your close friend, aside because of the forced kiss scene in the first book. I imagine that had this occurred, Ana would be feeling resentful, angry, irritated, no? After all, she knows Jose a lot better than Grey does. They were drunk, he was being stupid, it only happened once... Grey, Ana might say, is making a big deal over an isolated incident and he's letting it override all the positive evidence he's seen concerning Jose.

That's what Ana should be thinking about Elena. After all, she knows virtually nothing about her. She's letting the few facts she knows about Elena override all the positive evidence. After all, Grey did enter into the relationship willingly, Elena did offer him a somewhat-stable relationship, she did give him an outlet for a temper that would have likely got him into prison, he didn't go to Elena this time for sex...

Now, first, let me make this clear: all of the above is bullshit where morality/legality is concerned. Jose sexually assaulted Ana. Elena raped Grey. This is undeniable. However, considering the above would (hopefully) make Ana think a little more instead of just getting on her soapbox and chucking a tantrum.

But, of course, this is Fifty Shades. Everyone is so fucking self-centred. Seriously, Ana is being such a bitch right now. Me, me, me, me, me. It's all about me. How dare he hurt me this way by actually trying to deal with a problem in a manner I don't like? How dare he consult someone I hate when they've been helpful toward him in the past?

Also, this finally happens:

What did I expect? I married this man too quickly.


Anyway, Ana muses over it. She wants to forgive him to help him move forward, but she's too stunned by his 'treachery'. Yeah, she actually calls it treachery. I know.

Ana forwards the text to herself and checks his other texts, finding no other texts from Elena. She finds his wallpaper, which is a giant mosaic of pictures of her. Aw.

Ana decides to earn herself some more Renegade points by reading Grey's emails. Fuck's sake, haven't you done enough? God fucking dammit...

Most of his emails are work-related, and there's none from either Elena or Leila. However, she does find one from Barney, Grey's IT guy, about Hyde. There's nothing new on it, but Jack has been doing some major stalking. Christ.

Ana decides to not sleep in Grey's bed, and instead goes to sleep in the playroom. She's acting like a major bitch here, like Grey fucked Elena instead of just going to her for advice (OK, and getting drunk). I mean, God. Passive-aggressive, much?

And let me just say, I understand why Ana is annoyed and upset, but her attitude is making me hate her.

She forwards Grey the text from Elena and sends with it a very bitchy little paragraph asking if he wants Elena there when they inevitably fight about it, because that'll save him from running to her afterward. Wow, Renegade Ana is a real bitch.

Anyway, snap to the next morning. Grey hasn't found her, and he's frantic with worry. Ana goes out to let him know that she's there and alive, but she continually ignores him, except for bitching at him about Elena. They finally end up arguing. Man, I could make a drinking game out of this.

Ana asks if he slept with her. Nope. He's outraged that she'd think that, and Ana rebuts that he did in a way, by telling Elena everything. She calls him spineless, he's mad that she called him that, and she tells him that she saw the text. She asks if he knows how much he's hurt her by doing it, and then she gives him an epic put-down speech in which she says that she does pick the baby over him because any loving parent would do the same (probably true), that she'll raise the kid by herself if he won't help, and that she's moving out of his bedroom. Ouch.

Grey is horrified by the idea that she's considered leaving, and then... oh, Jesus.

OK, all persons triggered by rape, sexual assault and near-rape scenes, turn around, look away, play cat videos, whatever.

Grey gets all seducey, Ana tells him to fuck off, and then... gah.

"Don't even think about it, Grey," I whisper menacingly.
"You're my wife," he says softly, threateningly.
"I'm the pregnant woman you abandoned yesterday, and if you touch me I will scream the place down."
His eyebrows rise in disbelief. "You'd scream?"
"Bloody murder." I narrow my eyes.
"No one would hear you," he murmurs, his gaze intense, and briefly I'm reminded of our morning in Aspen. No. No. No.
"Are you trying to frighten me?" I mutter, breathless, deliberately trying to derail him.
It works. He stills and swallows. "That wasn't my intention." He frowns.

That wasn't his intention?!?!?!? Bullshit! BULL! SHIT! That scene is tantamount to telling her that he was about to rape her! How could he not think that she'd be scared-

Oh, wait. This is Christian Grey. My mistake.

Grey tries diplomacy, telling Ana that he simply had a drink with an ex-friend, they cleared shit up and he doesn't intend to see her again. He also explains that he tried to see Flynn, was unsuccessful and ended up at the salon. Ana flips again, asking if he'll just run back to her every time something goes wrong. Grey says that he won't see her again, and cryptically, that she understands how he feels.

Ana asks him why he'll talk to Elena and not to her. Simple: he's not mad at Elena. Ana tells him exactly why she's mad at him, and then also goes for diplomacy, telling him that she never intended to get pregnant. She instantly tosses it aside, telling Grey that he really fucked up, and Grey hits back by blaming her, saying that she fucked up when she forgot the shot.

God, he's such a fucking Republican.

They both ignore each other, she goes to work and Kate calls. Ana doesn't tell her the details and manages to stave her off. She works, she goes to visit Ray, she goes home and finds him not there. He's working late, and they're being all passive-aggressive.


Honestly, I have no idea whose side I should be on. I can't condemn Grey for turning to an ex-friend when his first option fell through. I can't condemn Ana for being angry that he returned to a woman who did him horrific psychological harm. I can, however, condemn him for being an unreasonable dick and her for being an unreasonable bitch. They've both behaved so badly that I'm not picking a side. I'd go hang out with Mia or something.

The next morning, Ana finds the tie next to her bed, where it was not last night. And the fact that Grey watched her sleep makes her hopeful. GAH.

Anyway, she gets up, she goes to work, she finds a very terse email from Grey telling her that he's going to Portland for some business. She works, she has a meeting, she gets a call from Mia... and it's Jack. Ah, fuck.

That was Chapter Twenty-One. Next chapter, we end up in a James Bond film.


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