Feb. 8th, 2013

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Hey, all. :) You're getting two chapters today, and you may get another one tomorrow, because I'm going away for a week to a place with no internet (God fucking dammit) and I'm going to need all the hugs and love you can send me, because this place is both heaven and hell and I'm probably going to go even more nuts. So, yeah. 

OK, and also because leaving you all hanging for a week with the end of this chapter would be fucking bitchy, so I'm not going to do it. 

Also, any Homestuck fans who haven't already should check out this awesome piece of brilliance: http://brainbent.tumblr.com/tagged/brainbent/chrono/page/1 Just to warn you, it does contain abuse and discussion of mental illness (since it's set in a mental hospital) but it does have Sollux and Gamzee making a cake, having an icing fight and getting it on, so there is that.

And a fucking ugly stuffed bee-thing.

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Hey, guys. It's another Musical Episode, and I am... yeah... you know how I said shit was going to get dark? We're on a downhill ride from here, so hang on to your stuff and strap yourselves in.

Warning: this chapter contains victim blaming and some damn bad shit concerning unwanted pregnancies and dickhead spouses.

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